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Ironically, Désirée, who left her family and home behind many years ago and celebrates a scandalous career as a saxophonist in London, inherits her parents' home after the death of her mother, Maria Goldinger. The Last will forces her back home, where she meets her five-year-older sister Lara. An encounter that is anything but harmonious. Not only the strange will of the celebrated writer, but also a bewildering manuscript and a mysterious amulet in her estate force the daughters to grapple with their own unpleasant past - and with a repressed chapter of European history that had more impact on their lives than they could ever have guessed. In retrospect, the story of three women unfolds, all dealing with family secrets in their own way. It is also the story of a love wrested from fate, which plunges the following generations into misfortune.

The latest novel by Eva Maria Hux is available from the 15th of November 2018.

The novel can be ordered online at,,,, or purchased in every good bookshop in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. ISBN: 978-3-964150-07-3.

Im Labyrinth des Poeten

New crime novel by cellist and writer Eva Maria Hux

A mysterious cello is given to the young and celebrated Swiss cellist Adina Anderson. The instrument has long been missing, only the legend of its involvement in tragic circumstances has survived. When the cello gets stolen, Adina realises that she got involved in a dangerous deception. She decides to bring the cello's and its keepers' secrets to the light and risks her own life in order to leave the labyrinth of lies and intrigues behind her...

Second edition released in December 2015 (Hardcover and eBook).

The novel can be purchased at,,, and in every good bookstore. For bookings of Music & Lecture (in German only) please contact me directly via info{at]

Older publications

Tauwetter, published by Brotseiten, Luzern 2014 (now: Tapastories)

Eva Marias Short Story "TAUWETTER" can be read and listened to on Tapastories - Die besten Stories für unterwegs.

Mord nach Noten, short crime novel in the anthologie "Zürich, Ausfahrt Mord" (Hrsg. Paul Ott), Gmeiner Verlag 2011
Förespeglingar, article in the magazine "Tidig musik", Stockholm 2007

Ein Werk, das über glaubwürdige Figuren aus dem Hier und Jetzt verfügt und einen im Verlaufe der 375 Seiten immer mehr in seinen Bann schlägt.

Pressebureau, 2015.

Freunde von Kriminalromanen, die gleichzeitig im kultivierten Ambiente von Konzerten ihr Zuhause haben, können sich dank »Im Labyrinth des Poeten« glücklich schätzen, ein Buch zu bekommen, das genau auf ihre Interessen zugeschnitten und dabei auch noch von vorne bis hinten sehr gut geschrieben worden ist.

Leserkanone, 2015.